cat breeding charts 10


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These easy-to-use printable cat breeding charts help breeders keep track of their kittens and their mum
without getting lost in the chaos

cat breeding charts

I know that birth can be a stressful experience, especially if you are a new breeder and don’t know what to expect.


But here’s the thing…


Cat breeding doesn’t have to be overwhelming… if you are prepared ☺️


Even if you are an experienced cat breeder, you need to have a system in place to keep track of your kittens and their new mum.

Otherwise,  you risk missing an important sign that something is not going as it should. 

At first glance, breeder charts may seem like a lot of work to keep up with.


But once you get into the habit of using them, you’ll find that they are an invaluable tool for managing your breeding program. 


And as a cat breeder, you know that one of the most important things you can do to ensure the health and well-being of your babies is to keep accurate records.


Plus, breeder charts can be a great marketing tool, as they show potential buyers that you are a responsible and professional breeder.

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→ Cat breeding doesn’t have to be overwhelming – use these breeder charts as your guide and keep track of everything that is important in a breeding business


→ Breeder charts are an essential tool for tracking important information about your queen and her kittens, including their health history and litter data


→ With everything from litter records and whelping charts to your dam health and business notes, these charts have it all


All your breeding notes in place, find all the information you need quickly

→ It’s also a great marketing tool to show your customers


→ Whether you’re just starting out in the breeding business or you’ve been doing it for years, this queening charts bundle will help keep you on track and ensure that your kittens are healthy and happy


→ Did everything go as planned? Great! Now you have your notes for future reference 


→ These charts are easy to use and understand, and they’ll provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your cat’s health and your breeding business



17 easy-to-use printable pdf's

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Queen health records

Keep track of your dam’s health and each litter she had:

★ Queen profile

★ Sire profile

★ Breeding records

★ Pregnancy notes

★ Postpartum follow up


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Litter and kitten records

Keep track of each puppy with whelping records, litter records and medical logs:

★ Litter details

★ Queening records

★ Daily weight log

★ Weekly weight log

★ Bottle / tube feeding log

★ Deworming log


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Business notes

Stay organized with planners, sheets and detailed notes:

★ Available / sold kittens

★ New owner information sheet

★ Daily notes

★ Weekly notes

★ Weekly litter notes


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Hi, my name is Monika, 


I’m a veterinarian who somehow fell in love with the digital world during my maternity leave ☺️

I’m also the owner of the blog vetcarenews and an Etsy shop DesignedbyMon

I know that cat breeding can be a bit stressful, especially if your lady is pregnant for the first time and you have no idea what to expect.


I’ve met a lot of breeders, and even those with a lot of experience will tell you that you need to have a functioning system in place.


Otherwise, you’ll get overwhelmed and may overlook some dangerous health issues.


After talking to my breeder friends I created these printable breeding charts – and they loved it! After some tweaking, we came to this final version.

And now you can also have all your important notes in one place ☺️


Now that I have my own pet health blog, I decided to sell my Etsy products here.

Aaand I can sell them cheaper than on Etsy since I don’t have to pay Etsy fees, yay! 😊

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Whether you’re just starting out in the breeding business or you’ve been doing it for years, this cat breeding charts bundle will help keep you on track and ensure that your kittens are healthy and happy.



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