The use of AI

Hey there,

I want to be completely honest and transparent about my use of AI technology.

As a vet who loves sharing health tips, I use AI to streamline my content creation and marketing. It helps me save time, work more efficiently, and brainstorm new ideas. For me, AI is a tool, not a replacement for my expertise and passion.

Since English isn’t my first language, AI helps me ensure my advice is clear and friendly. It’s like having a language expert by my side, polishing my writing so everything is easy to understand. It also helps me translate ‘Vet Speak’ into normal language you guys can easily understand.

Using AI saves me a ton of time. It makes my workflow smoother, making research and writing more efficient. This means I can focus on providing you with high-quality content without worrying about technical details.

I also use AI to create images. I usually rely on Adobe Firefly, which is an ethical alternative to other image generators. Adobe sets the industry standard for responsible generative AI. Learn more about how Adobe Firefly creates images ethically. Even though I could remove the AI watermark from these images, I choose not to. As I said, I want to be honest and transparent with you.

So why I use these photos? As a blogger, I’m well aware of scams where people upload photos to royalty-free stock sites, then take them down and demand money from those who used them. It’s a huge problem right now. This is why I prefer AI-generated images. Because who has the time to save a screenshot of every Canva or royalty-free photo used? But if you don’t, you don’t have a proof that you can use the image 🤷‍♀️ This also happened to several Canva Pro users like me. So, there’s that.

This blog is my baby, it’s my hobby and a creative outlet. And while I do use AI, it doesn’t replace me. It’s just a tool.

AI is a great tool when used correctly, but it can’t replace a trained vet’s expertise and passion. I make sure all my content is medically accurate, filled with care, and genuinely me ☺️

The heart of this blog is my passion for veterinary medicine and my love for animals. I hope you’ll understand that.