for new puppy owners

new puppy checklist and minimalist pet planner

This cute printable puppy planner includes:

★ A New Puppy Essentials Shopping List: From food and bowls to leashes and toys, this list has everything you’ll need to welcome your new puppy home.

★ Preparing for a New Puppy Checklists: From doggy-proofing your home to setting up your pup’s space, these checklists will help you get ready for your new arrival.

★ Puppy Socialization Checklists: From introducing your puppy to new sights and sounds to meeting different people, these checklists will help ensure your pup gets a well-rounded start in life.

★ A Pet Planner: This easy-to-use planner lets you keep track of all your dog’s appointments, veterinary visits, and other important dates. It also has space to record important health information and plan your feeding or training schedule.

Puppies are a ton of fun, but they’re also a lot of work. To help make the transition to puppy parenthood as smooth as possible, I created this handy puppy planner. 

This helpful planner covers everything new puppy owners need to know, from preparing their home for a new furry friend to socializing and keeping track of appointments and vet visits.

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Everything you need to get ready for your new puppy

24 printable pdf’s   |   Perfect for new puppy owners

"New puppy" checklists

Puppy essentials shopping lists and 2x Preparing for a new puppy checklists

Puppy socialization checklists

2x comprehensive Puppy socialization checklists

Pet care planner

19x Pet care inserts for your Pet care binder

A puppy planner is a perfect way to get prepared for your new puppy. The planner also includes a puppy socialization checklist, new puppy essentials shopping list, and preparing for new puppy checklists. 

With this planner, you will be able to track your puppy’s progress and ensure that they are getting the socialization and care that they need.

What's inside this puppy planner:​

ZIP file with 21 printable pdf’s | Size US Letter or A4

now only 10 USD

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Monika Sragova vetcarenews

Hi there,

my name is Monika 😊

I’m a veterinarian on maternity leave and the owner of the blog vetcarenews.

I’m also the owner of the Designed by Mon Etsy shop. 

I design printable and digital pet planners to help new or overwhelmed pet owners to keep track of their pet’s health and appointments.

After creating my veterinary blog, I also decided to sell my Etsy products here.

Aaand I can sell them cheaper than on Etsy since I don’t have to pay Etsy fees, yay! 😊

With the puppy planner, you will have everything that you need to get prepared for your new puppy. Get your puppy off to a great start with this essential tool.

Still have questions? Visit my Etsy shop or contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help you ☺️